It’s Healing Time

The day started out beautifully, like many when I set out for my daily bike ride.  I was heading over to a friend’s place for a home cooked curry.    We spent the afternoon playing chess and sharing old theatrical stories and shows that we had the privilege to share.   We chatted about me moving on past a horrendous divorce and that I finally had landed on my feet with a great new apartment of my own (fireplace and all)   With a full belly and a smile on my face, I got back on the bike and headed down to the Lakeshore Drive bike path for my power cycle home.  The sun was shining, the sky was velvet and I was cruising.

Then I was HIT and I was flung out onto the highway with my bike flying 6 ft the other way up the bike path.  Time had stopped, and before I knew what had happened I had landed on my butt with my left hand breaking a fall from a bit of a height.  I started to giggle and from what I was told I was going into shock.  My immediate reaction was to ask the driver where he was from;  he replied “Mars”  !

After the initial shock had worn off both the man who hit me and his passenger came to my aid.  I didn’t feel that I was hurt, or perhaps didn’t realise that I was.  After they picked up my broken bike and drove me home (a block from home) they apologized so much I was beginning to feel guilty.  The gentleman had given me his name and number, insurance etc.  Because he was headed back to his hometown which actually turned out to be a town outside Pittsburgh and not the planet I ended up laughing and then settled down on the bed in my flat.

A few hours later I could not walk on my foot, and my wrist was swollen like a football.  I proceeded for an emergency dept pumped full of painkillers and without much delay I was told that I had broken my foot and  my wrist.  I had also cracked my tailbone, and one of my hips was an inch out of alignment with the other one.  Off to the casting dept, I choose a neon pink cast for the arm, and a denim for the leg.  Well at least I was trying to make light of this agonizing pain.

Try using a pair of crutches with a cast on one of your arms.  Eight weeks continued with lawyers, police and several doctors appointments.  So began the process of suing the insurance company for injuries.   I told would be with me and leave me in chronic pain for the rest of my life.  Just when things were coming together, it was the therapy, an hour each way and constant doctor’s appointments that left me feeling down, and depressed.  I was faced with pain that was all but impossible to deal with.



~ by lenswithlove on September 11, 2010.

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