All the Things

Such a cold night
Many warm thoughts of you
Under the covers and cuddled with cats
I still feel that essence I know
I love
Only you.
The fireplace reminds me of burning desires
The comfort reminds me of our friendship
The honestly, openness I have come to trust
Love and share.

Such a cold night
And I’m missing you
My thoughts and feelings
Run racing back for you
I stare at shadows dancing on the ceilings
And realize I can’t live without you
And the love I feel only seems to grow
It blooms and expands
Like the comforting touch of your hands.

Such a cold night
And off to dreams of all the things
You bring out in me
Our karma, are fate are sealed
With more than just rings……
Another phase another season
I learn to love and adore you
I don’t need anything
The only, the most, important reason!


~ by lenswithlove on December 7, 2009.

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